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Skin Vitamin Treatment by Environ – Vitamins, Proteins & Growth factors


The Environ® Ionzyme®  Machine designed by Dr. Des Fernandes, introduces the use of intensified sound waves (Iontophoresis & Sonophoresis)  to maximise the penetration of highly potent vitamins, proteins and growth factors into the living skin. The benefit of achieving this level of penetration is that the living skin which is rooted deeper in the epidermis can utilise these nutrients to repair and promote healthier skin.

Superficial application of creams cannot achieve the same results as the upper layers of the skin are fundamentally dead. This means that there is very little activity here and the sole purpose of the upper skin is to protect the deeper layers. Skin peeling allows for the delivery of nutrients to the lower layers, however in doing this you must compromise the protective quality of the epidermis (upper skin). Environ prefer not to compromise the epidermis because of the important role it plays in protection and prevention and so it uses Vitamin induction therapy through the Ionzyme® Machine to get results.


  • Does not damage or compromise the skin
  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Uses highly potent nutrients to encourage skin health
  • Post Acne Scarring
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Skin Firming

Skin Vitamin Induction using Iontophoresis & Sonophoresis sound waves offer a friendlier alternative to botox when Environ Frown Serum is used as the active ingredient.  A series of treatments are recommended along with the relevant homecare to maintain the effect.

Treatment time  90 mins  €100
Course of 6 €500 (1 free treatment)
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