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Naturopathy & Alternative Therapies


Alternative Therapy is becoming increasingly popular today. It takes on many forms but they all have one fundamental thing in common. Alternative Therapy strives to treat the whole person and does not aim to treat a specific disease in isolation. Herbs, Healing foods, Massage and Chinese Acupuncture are a few of the many forms of treatment understood as Alternative medicine. Alternative Therapy is not new rather, it has been an essential tool for staying healthy and well from the beginning of time.

What are the benefits of alternative Therapy?

Most alternative treatments are based on the use of herbs, whole foods and massage so it is perfectly safe and, for thousands of people it has been proven to work time and time again. There is a vast array of therapies available for the treatment of minor illnesses through to those more chronic, degenerative conditions. Hippocrates, ‘The Father of Medicine’, said “Let Food be thy Medicine”. His belief was that the first action to be taken with an unwell person would be with healing whole foods. Herbs came next while medical intervention came third.

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