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What is Rosacea?

Rejuvenate Advanced Skin Clinic IPL

Rosacea is a chronic condition which progressively worsens. A person may notice “rosey cheeks” to begin or that the skin is easily stimulated after exercising, eating spicy foods, consuming alcohol or simple by just being in heated environments. They may find that the skin flushes easily through emotional responses such as embarrassment or nervousness.

Once stimulated the skin can feel very hot and even stingy. Over time the repeated episodes of flushing or blushing can promote inflammation of the skin resulting in small red bumps and small blood vessels. In severe cases symptoms of Rhinophyma (enlarged red nose) can emerge. Those with Rosacea tend to have a rosey or pink colour to their skin and it is most common in fairer skin types.


The exact cause of Rosacea is still unknown. Suspected causes of Rosacea are genetic factors, genetics and sun exposure combined, a mite sometimes found in hair follicles, gastrointestinal disease and medications that cause blood vessels to widen.
As the cause of this condition is unknown, there is no specific protocol for treating Rosacea. Each individual must be assessed to treat the symptoms present.

Finding the stimulus which causes the symptoms and putting practical measures in place to prevent the blushing is key in controlling the condition.

Using skincare products with anti inflammatory properties can help to sooth the skin and reduce visible redness. Vitamin A and Vitamin C topically can help to repair the capillaries and create a healthy and compact epidermis. A daily topical SPF can help to prevent further damage to compromised skin.

Skin Supplements such as those containing Vitamin A and C as well as Anti-oxidants and Essential Fatty Acids work from the inside out to promote skin health and reduce inflammation.

Food intolerances can be seen more and more as a trigger for Rosacea as well as other skin conditions such as Acne and Eczema. A Food Intolerance test can identify trigger foods which when eliminated may reduce the symptoms of rosacea (See Food Intolerance Testing)

Apidermie treats small surface blood vessels effectively. (See Diathermie)

IPL treats small blood vessels as well as the red blush which usually accompanies the capillaries. The broad spectrum white light targets the red pigment in the skin and vessels and once absorbed converts to heat. The heat causes coagulation of the blood, killing the blood cells and surrounding vessels. The body expels the resulting debris over the course of 2-4 weeks depending on the individual.

It is very important that the skin is always protected from the sun and harsh weather. A broad spectrum SPF should be worn all year round and skin should not exposed directly to the sun during IPL treatment.

Prices depend on the size of area to be treatment:

Small area €50
Medium area €100
Large area €200
Consultation (redeemable against treatments) €30
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