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Treatment for Acne – Improving skin clarity

Rejuvenate Advanced Skin Clinic IPL

Acne is a condition which affects the sebaceous glands in the skin. It is characterised by (sometimes painful) pimples and pustules seen usually around the lower part of the face, chest and upper back. In more aggressive cases it can effect the entire face. Painful cysts can occur deep in the skin which can lead to scarring. Redness and inflammation often accompany the pustules and there is a higher proliferation of comedones (blackheads) on the skin, particularly around the T-Zone which has a much higher count of pores and therefore more sebaceous glands.



The cause of Acne is not known and indeed several factors can be attributed to the condition. Hormones influence the condition largely with high levels of Androgens effecting oil production in the glands.

The condition typically presents in adolescent years where there is a such a prolific reconfiguration of hormones in the body. However, it has become more and more problematic in adulthood, where again hormones seen to be the common denominator.

Stress, poor diet & lifestyle habits, overuse of poor quality product or aggressive use of active ingredients can worsen the condition. There is growing evidence to suggest that food intolerance can also aggravate the skin causing eruptions in the form of acne, eczema and rosacea.


Prices depend on the size of area to be treatment:

Small area €50
Medium area €100
Large area €200
Consultation (redeemable against treatments) €30
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