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Skin Brightening Treatment by Dr Murad – Active Vitamin C Solution

Rejuvenate skin care Murad

It is ideal for environmentally damaged skin. Ex smokers or sun worshipers are more susceptible to environmental aging brought about by pollutants such as cigarette smoke or over exposure to UV light. Long term stress can also play a part in this type of premature aging. The skin becomes thick with dead worn out skin cells as cell renewal decreases leading a dull, lifeless complexion. Lines and wrinkles are accelerated as the cells become damaged due to intoxication.

Solution Highly Active Vitamin C Infusion

This Anti oxidant rich infusion reduces & prevents further environmental damage. High levels of pure vitamin C delivered into the skin via Murads infusion technology quench free radical damage brought about by environmental tyrants. Cells receive adequate nutrition to set about repair. Surface skin is brighter, pigmentation appears lighter and environmental aging is lessened.

Treatment time 1 hour €100
Course of 6 €500 (1 free treatment)
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