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Dr Murad Facials from Rejuvenate Advanced Skin Clinic

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Dr. Murad – Transforming Skincare

Murad Skin Care from RejuvenateMurad skincare combines advanced scientific research and practical clinical experience to create high performance skincare products and dietary supplements that help people look and feel their absolute best.

Howard Murad , M.D., FAAD is a dermatologist, pharmacist and a clinical professor of medicine who founded Murad Skincare in 1989. The basis of this brand is rooted in his philosophy that “A healthy complexion is a reflexion of total wellness both inside and out”. Furthermore, he believes that taking the necessary steps to create a healthier skin will inevitably lead to a healthier person as the ingredients for healthy skin and body are the same.

Murads’ recipe for healthy skin includes ingredients which incorporate anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators. The brand has pioneered the use of Gogi Berries and Pomegranate as superior anti-oxidants as well as Alpha hydroxyl Acids, Vitamin C infusion Technology and Youth Building Durian Extract Technology. He is the pioneer of the Water Principal Theory which advocates that water is the driving force behind all activity in the body. He also stresses how important it is to EAT your water, getting your hydration from fruits and vegetables as well as pure water. Dr Murad holds 17 patents, which are all included as important parts of the Murad Skincare line.

At Rejuvenate Advanced Skin Clinic we embrace this philosophy and believe in it. We only use Dr. Brands which are clinically proven to work.  We combine skin treatments to deliver Real Results without compromising comfort and relaxation.

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