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Skin solutions for inflamed skin – Dr. Murad

Rejuvenate skin care Murad

For anyone who experiences red, irritated, or inflamed skin. Rosecea type skin responds very well to Redness Therapy. Whether it is slight redness to the complexion or overall flushing, Redness Therapy provides the skin with agents which help calm, cool & sooth the symptoms as well as strengthening the skin against future occurrences.

Redness Therapy uses anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories derived from Super foods such as Goji Berries & Pomegranate to soothe and calm the skin. At the same time, Super Hydrators help to alleviate dryness and tightness associated with skin sensitivity.


Treatment time 1 hour €100
Course of 6  €500 (1 free treatment)
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