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What is Pigmentation?

Rejuvenate Advanced Skin Clinic IPL

Pigmentation is a skin condition which can be seen mainly as brown discoloration and can be found anywhere on the body, but generally on sun exposed areas such as the face, neck, décolletage or hands. Pigmentation presents itself in many forms such as ephelides (freckles), solar lentigines (age spots/sun spots), melasma (pregnancy mask), post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (post acne/trauma) and café au lait.

Note: Pigmentation usually requires several treatments and a consultation is necessary to determine a treatment plan.


The causes of pigmentation can be from trauma to the skin, medication, hormonal & vitamin deficiencies and over exposure to U.V. light i.e. the sun. It should be noted that the sun ALWAYS plays a role in pigmentation. For example where medication (i.e. the pill etc.) causes pigmentation, it is the exposure to sun or natural daylight that brings the pigmentation out on the surface of the skin. In winter months medication induced pigmentation can fade back but surfaces once again as the skin exposed to U.V light. This is why a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is so important to use all year round and especially if a person is taking photosensitive medication (medication which reacts to sunlight causing pigmentation). Freckles and sun spots/age spots are ALWAYS caused by over exposure to sunlight.
Pigmentation is treated depending on how it has been caused. If pigmentation is caused just from over exposure of sun to the skin, then laser, IPL or topical skin products can help to fade it whilst using a high factor SPF will prevent it from returning. If pigmentation is as a result of medication, this can be very difficult to treat and will probably persist as long as the medication is in use. Pigmentation caused by trauma to the skin i.e. deep cuts, post acne scars etc can also be very difficult to treat as it is much deeper in the skin. Laser, IPL or skin peeling can help to reduce the effect of the pigmentation. Skin needling (medical micro needling) can be effective for post acne scars.

Pregnancy can cause pigmentation which will be visible through the term of the pregnancy and usually fades back afterwards. In this case it is not really worth treating as it does not respond very well to laser or IPL and will usually disappear itself after the pregnancy term when the hormones have settled.

Melasma presents like a stain to the skin and is usually symmetrical on both sides to the face. It is usually hormonal in nature. It can be treated using IPL or Laser, however the occurrence of “Rebound” pigmentation is high and can sometimes worsen the condition. We do not treat Melasma using IPL or Laser at our clinic but suggest topical skincare including an SPF and skin supplements.

Prices depend on the size of area to be treatment:

Small area €50
Medium area €100
Large area €200
Consultation (redeemable against treatments) €30
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