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Diathermie Laser Hair Removal

Rejuvenate laser hair removal for women

Diathermie is used in a broad range of practices, from clinics like ourselves to surgical theatres. Diathermie is the term used for the heating of tissues for various different purposes. In our clinic, diathermie is used in the treatment of permanent hair removal, skin tags (Acrochordon) , Whiteheads (Milia) and Facial thread veins (Telangiectasia). Before Laser, diathermie was the most successful method used to treat unwanted hair, it still plays an important role today for the treatment of unwanted Blond or Grey hair as this type of hair is unsuitable for laser.

The machines we use for these treatments are the most advanced on the market to achieve the best results with minimum disruption to the surrounding skin tissue and discomfort to the client.


The number one brand of Electrolysis equipment for hair removal. Apilus offers advanced technology with proven effectiveness in the field of hair removal. The intensities are strong enough to destroy the germ cells responsible for hair growth within a follicle, yet the surrounding tissues/skin does not suffer a fraction of the discomfort as with other brands of electrolysis equipment.

Our Apilus electrolysis machines are equipped with a variety of treatment modes to treat even the most sensitive of skins, from fine to coarse hair types. And of course this form of hair removal is 100% successful in treating blond, grey, dark and even distorted hair follicles.

Treatment Prices

Consultation €20
10 minutes Treatment €20
15 minutes Treatment €28.75
20 minutes Treatment €37.50



Our Apidermie machine is designed for the treatment of Skin tags (Acrochordons), Whiteheads (Milia), Angioma and facial thread or spider veins (Telangiectasia). The Apidermie uses a short wave HF current which produces heat to form thermocoagulation. The wavelengths and paramaters are set specifically to treat these skin conditions. Because of this, minimal side effects such as redness, odema and pain is experienced by the client. This equipment combined with the experience & expertise of the electrologist will ensure the best possible results with minimum discomfort are achieved.

Treatment Prices

Consultation €40
10 minutes Treatment €60
15 minutes Treatment €75
20 minutes Treatment €90
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