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Anti-Ageing Glycolic Skin Peel by Murad

Rejuvenate skin care Murad

For anyone concerned with the natural ageing process. Murad glycolic peels are designed to resurface & restore resilience to the skin. Glycolic peels decrease the signs of aging, fine lines, dullness and dehydration & magnify the signs of youth – Healthy, glowing, smooth skin.


Our skin peels harness Dr Murads 3 step approach to healthy skin by always incorporating 1 Anti-oxidants to reduce free radical damage (ageing molecules); 2 Anti inflammatories to sooth the skin & 3 Hydrators to nourish the skin and drive activity in the skin cells. This theory combined with customised graded peels encourage cell turnover (removing dead skin cells and promoting new fresher cells to the surface), whilst always addressing the needs to feed and hydrate the skin. Skin is smoother, fresher and healthier.
Treatment time 1 hour €100
Course of 6 €500 (1 free treatment)
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