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Resurgence Renewal – Anti Wrinkle Skin Treatment by Dr Murad

Rejuvenate skin care Murad

This treatment is indicated for both menopausal & peri menopausal women who are experiencing signs of hormonal ageing. As oestrogen levels drop, skin becomes dry dehydrated leading to loss of radiance and firmness.

Plant oestrogen’s such as Soya oestrogen and Wild Yam deliver moisture into the skin improving elasticity. Essential Fatty Acids hydrate cells while AHA (glycolic acid) increase cell turnover reducing the appearance of lines & wrinkles. The depth of the peels are graded and customised to suit the level of skin aging. Youths glow is restored. Skin is more radiant, firmer & smoother.

Treatment time 1 hour €100
Course of 6 €500 (1 free treatment)
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