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Specialists In Facial Thread Vein Removal

Diathermie Treatments FAQ

Facial thread veins or otherwise known as telangiectasia appear most commonly as a result of medication, hormone changes during pregnancy/menopause, post Radiation therapy, Hereditary or sundamage to the skin over time. They appear as bright Red or Purple little lines or dots on the skin.

A Spider telangiectasia, also known as a Spider Naevus is a telangiectasia with a red central feeding vessel with little branches of vessels radiating outwards from the centre. Both the Apidermie and IPL are excellent for the removal of Facial and Spider telangiectasia. The therapist will recommend during a consultation which form of treatment would achieve the best result for the condition presented.

Treatment Prices

Consultation €40*
0-10 Minute Treatment €60
10-15 Minute Treatment €75
15-20 Minute Treatment €90

*Redeemable Against Treatment

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