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Stretch Marks – CST Micro Needling

Rejuvenate skin care Murad

The activation of growth factors through needling the skin induces collagen and elastin production. The increased collagen and elastin smoothes and plumps the skin. Old scar tissue is replaced with new smoother Type 1 collagen (which is the collagen we are born with).  The appearance of scars is dramatically improved.

The number of treatments required depends very much on the severity of the scarring. In some cases up to 6 treatments may be required.

A full consultation is carried out prior to treatment. The condition or severity of the skin complaint is analysed to determine the amount of treatment which will be needed to get the best result. A patch test is carried out to ensure that there are no allergies to the topical anaesthetic which will be used in treatment.

Treatment time 80 Mins
Cost of treatment (Face & Neck) €200
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