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Cellulite is not a Fat Issue – it’s a Skin Issue

CelluliteWhat is Cellulite?

Cellulite is seen where there is a rupture of subcutaneous fat within the connective tissue and appears to us as skin dimpling. Although cellulite is a form of fat, its causes and cures have little to do with how much you weigh. It results from skin that has deteriorated to the point that fat cells are able to push through the dermis and become visible through the surface skin. Losing weight will reduce body fat percentage but not cellulite.

How Cellulite Progresses

  • As we age, our bodies are subject to environmental insults – stress, pollution, UVA (Daylight), poor food choices etc.
  • Cell walls become damaged, water leaks out and cell function decreases. Increasing water intake is not enough – we have to repair the cell wall.
  • The dermis becomes dehydrated, dry & brittle and breaks down causing cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles.
  • At only 0.015 mins thick the Epidermis is our main barrier against environmental onslaught. It keeps damage out and water in.
  • A healthy skin is firm as the dermis is thick – Collagen & Elastin is strong.
  • Unhealthy skin is dry, rough and flaky caused by dehydration. The skin is loose & sags due to damaged connective tissue.

As the dermis is damaged it loses water and weakens allowing dermal fat to escape upwards. A thinning epidermis will allow the sub dermal fat to become visible, which we see as cellulite: ridding cellulite begins with repairing the dermis and epidermis – not burning fat.

Repair the skin

We can begin to repair the skin by adding hydrators & cell fortifying nutrients. It is interesting to note that your body can be filled with water and still be dehydrated. In this case the water may be what is described as ‘wasted water’ in that it is outside the cells, water-logging the surrounding tissues. Healing the cells and connective tissue allows for proper cellular hydration as the water is held inside the cell where it should be. It is easiest to detect cell hydration on skin as it is a visible organ – if your skin is dehydrated so too are the rest of the cells, tissues and organs of the body. Supplementing with essential fatty acids (omegas) helps to improve cell hydration as they strengthen the membrane holding water inside the cell– Try ANP Skin Omegas €36 for 1 month supply.

Symptoms of cellular water loss:

•  Thirst
•  Frequent urination
•  Dry skin/rough skin
•  Low energy

Repairing Cellulite:


  • Strengthen and heal cell walls and connective tissue (Skin Omega supplements)
  • Nourish your skin from the inside-out (Anti-oxidants from fruits and vegetables and good protein choices such as nuts, eggs and fish)


•  Protect against environmental damage (Reduce sun exposure, cigarette smoking etc)
•  Reduce nutrient loss (Reduce sugar intake and cigarette smoking as these are anti-nutrients)


  • Reduce free radical damage (environmental)
  • Introduce Antioxidants – Vitamin A,C,E, by switching your coffee for a green tea and eating anti-oxidant rich foods such as red/purple fruits including Pomegranate, Goji berries and Grape seed
  • Supplementing with a good quality Anti-oxidant complex- try ANP Skin Complete €59 for 2 month supply

Why eat them?

  • Goji berries are an extremely dense and nutritious food – a great source of essential fatty acids, free-radical fighting antioxidants, trace minerals, B vitamins, and eighteen amino acids
  • Pomegranate contains 3 times the amount of antioxidants than other fruits
  • Grape seed breaks down Collagenase and Elastase which destroy Vitamin C & E in the connective tissue

Exfoliation aids cell turnover. Young hydrated cells are stronger and more resilient than old dry brittle cells. Chemical Exfoliants Alpha/Beta Hydroxy acids get between skin cells and break the bonds, allowing them to fall away. Environs Hydrating Lotion is excellent, €46.90 for 200mls.

Dry skin brushing:

  • Removes old, dead & dying cells
  • Increases blood flow
  • Stimulates lymphatic system – detoxing


  • Infuses the skin with water
  • Reinforces the seal between cells
  • An ideal moisturiser contains hydrators, anti oxidants and anti inflammatories – Murads Vitamin C Body firming Cream €45.50 for 200mls contains all of these ingredients
  • Add to this, cayenne to increase bloodflow – we recommend Murads Firming Peptide Body Treatment €49.50

Summer is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to start getting your body beach ready!


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