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Happy Cells; Healthy Body

Happy Cells; Healthy Body

Part 1- Call back your Healthy Body

What we aim to achieve this January and beyond..

What is good health? Our bodies are made up of billions of cells. The health of these cells determine the overall health of your body. Just give the Cells what they need and Everybody will be happy…

You may well believe that you follow a balanced diet, and perhaps you do. However, many of us have actually forgotten what a balanced diet really is. It is only when we sit down and look at our daily food consumption that we realise how mindless we have become. The food industry has changed what is normal, healthy and nutritious, so much so that we almost don’t even recognise real food anymore.

The rise of sugar laden foods has changed our appetite so much that even when we decide to “go healthy” we find that we just don’t like any of these Real Foods and it becomes a challenge to stick to a plan.

I am not a great chef (at all) and when I chose to eliminate meat from my diet it became extremely difficult to prepare meals and for a long time I found myself eating higher amounts of carbohydrates. This played havoc on my blood sugars as I got into the habit of grabbing easy foods full of simple carbohydrates such as bread, scones, pastries etc. While I became a vegetarian for reasons non-diet related (I am an animal lover), people were asking me all of the time if I felt better. And I didn’t. In fact I probably felt more sluggish, and for the first time in my life I had actually gained a few pounds 🙁

Why am I telling you all of this? It is because quite often, when we decide to “go healthy” (that phrase again) we start by cutting out all of the unhealthy stuff. Before we know it, the cupboards are bare and the fridge has been filled with every colour of the rainbow in terms of healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables. And then we realise………….there’s nothing to eat. And then you feel a hunger pang! And you search for something familiar, something you know how to cook (or open) and you stuff your face with it and then you think to yourself- I’ll start tomorrow instead

To justify my musings above, the point I want to make is that when you decide to change your diet to lose a few pounds or to just feel well you need to be prepared. You cannot cut whole foods groups out without having something to replace them with, and you cannot change bad eating habits until you have learnt new healthier ones.

This January, rather than letting your resolutions fall at the first hurdle, try something different. Think about your resolutions and why you want to bring about these changes. Before you spend a fortune on redecorating your fridge and cupboards, have a plan. Get advice wherever you can get it. Think about these changes as being long-term lifestyle changes and start slow and easy to begin with. When we make small changes we are more likely to stick to them long-term.

The body is constantly renewing itself and we all have the ability to bring about good health for ourselves. We can pay someone to try and “fix us” but we are all so different and there is no “one size fits all”. We need to empower ourselves to take on change. We need to educate ourselves so that we can think about what is good for us and what makes us feel our best. The purpose of this Mission is not to tell you what to do, but to provide a foundation that you as an individual can build on and create the beautiful house (body) that you were meant to live in.

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